Nov 16, 2011

You don't wanna be "that" mom...

I need some quick tips!

The babe's birthday is next week.
And I need help.

Her "First-Time-Ever-Eating-Cake" shot is vital. It's pretty much the whole reason why we celebrate their 1st birthday in the first place. 


Turns out my kitchen's this poop green color.

No joke.

Sooo... am I "that" crazy mom if I hang a white sheet/tarp thingy behind her high chair so the pictures are cuter?

Please tell me.

I'm starting to feel like "that" mom with how detailed I want this party to be...
(And I'm pretty sure no one wants to be "that" mom's friend.)

Sooo, your thoughts?

Like, are helium balloons, her own mini cake on her own cake stand, princess doll, and personal frilly mat too overboard?


love you lots, emma.

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