Dec 7, 2011

Christmas Shopping

My man's outta town again, so there have been lots of mommy/little girl dates. 
("baby girl" is now "little girl" since she turned 1. 
She seriously grew 2 inches!)

I love Christmas shopping!
Putting together gifts, wrapping them, organizing them in my suitcase ready for Seattle under my tree...

Aah - picture perfect :) 

And it's just the right amount of crisp outside: not so cold you wanna burn your toes off, but just chilly enough to bundle up and let your nose turn red :)

Christmas shopping just 3 weeks before Christmas is kind of a nightmare!!
Talk about pushing and shoving...


And I'd totally be bah-humbug about it, if it weren't for this little nugget. 


Hope you guys are loving this time of year as much as I am.

See you in 12 days!!!

(12 days of Christmas, anyone?!)


love you lots, emma.

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