Dec 29, 2011

Count down for Christmas: - 4

So since we've left it's seems like we've been everywhere in Idaho. 
First we went to Boise and saw lots of family and had lunch at a Thai restaurant.
We then stopped by Twin Falls, Idaho and picked up one of my bestest friends everrrrr: 
Maddy Robertson.
Actually. Right before we got to where she was staying I had just woken up from a nice nap in the car and my dad asked me what Maddy's Dad's first name was.
My reply: "Umm...I think it's Robert."
Dad: "Robert Robertson..?"
Hahaha. I was tired.
His name's Keith.
After that we drove down to Blackfoot, Idaho and saw our friends 
Dianne and her son Danny. <---Incredibly talented musicians!!
Holy cow. Geniuses basically.
Danny came with us to take a tour of BYU-Idaho.
Maddy and I decided we might just go because of the awesome cafeteria...Whateves. ;)
And today we drove down to Salt Lake, Utah and saw family and went to Temple Square to see the beautiful Christmas lights. 

I wish we could have done all this together!
I miss you all incredibly.

Total, true, love,


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