Dec 14, 2011

One Week

Hey little chicklets.
Wanna hear the best news ever?
In one week we'll all be together.
Reunited at last.

That means a sister's reunion. 
Where little Lissie's there too.

The 3 musketeers.
And their sidekick.

jk ;)

This is definitely going to be the best Christmas ever.

I love you guys!

Lissie, travel safely to the states tomorrow.
Maybe you'll meet a cute boy on your 13 hr flight over. ;)

Lu, I hope Cole chatters your whole flight to Seattle. If he does, the airline will most likely give you free flights for life.
(He is the cutest!!)

And Marie, you're gonna have a crazy full house, so make a chore chart. There are more than enough of us to keep that place spotless!!


See you all in a week.

love you lots, emma.

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