Dec 28, 2011

Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time!


We've been counting down the days to this Christmas.
It was 258 at first. And now it's negative 3 :(

We had our sister's reunion, and now it's over. And I'm super bummed!

But super grateful it was able to happen!

We got to do so much together. And all our babies got to become best friends.
And I love you 3 so much.

* Thanks for the fun photoshoots. 
* The yummy late night treats (brownies, cool whip, and blueberries? HOLLA!)  
* Hilarious games with crazy accents. 
* Doing each other's hair.
* Squeezing into one tiny bathroom and doing our makeup together :)
* But lastly, for making this video. I'll watch it once a day, and hopefully the 1:52 second clip will get me through the months until we get to see each other again.

...when we can make another one.


Hope you lovely followers had an amazing Christmas too!

love you lots, emma.

PS: My sweet fluffy little hubster filmed, edited, and co-directed the sister's video.
(Lu was the other half of that "co-direction") ;)

Thanks, Jakey!! :)

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