Dec 6, 2011

A yummy (and easy!) Christmas treat!

A sweet friend of mine came over last week and we made the following goodies together:

Almond white chocolate covered pretzels! With sprinkles! 
They are oh so yummy and oh so easy to make.
And oh so perfect to give to friends during the holiday season :)

So here's how you make them!

1. Melt some white almond chocolate in a saucepan. You can get this stuff at WalMart.

2. Take these adorable festive-shaped pretzels (my friend got these at Sam's Club) and throw them into the melted chocolate:

3. Take a fork, pick up the covered pretzel and let the excess chocolate drip off:

4. Lay it on some wax paper and then dump those sprinkles on them! Hurry before the chocolate dries!

 And there you have the easiest and yummiest Christmas treat ever.
So easy I almost feel silly for explaining how to do it.
So yummy they didn't even last til the next day.
woops :)

love, Lulu

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