Jan 6, 2012

Friday Picture Book: Pretty

Lissie made it home to Germany, but she's still pretty jet-lagged.

Lulu's on an airplane today... back to TX she goes.

Emma is probably still doing the ugly cry somewhere from all the goodbyes... (haha, jk, Em!)

So, I decided to hijack this week's Picture Book one more time so that everyone can recover. (I really just wanted an excuse to edit pictures today).  I chose the word "pretty" for all these pictures of Lissie.

I was going to be really uncreative and choose the word "Elisabeth," but then I read an article this morning called "The Death of Pretty." The author describes how he defines pretty (beautiful and innocent), and then he also talks about how most girls aren't going for the pretty look anymore; they're trying to look hot.

I know the word "hot" is a pretty slang word that we all use to call even the prettiest of girls. I tell my sisters they're hotties all the time. But since reading this article about bringing back pretty, I think I'm going to steer away from calling them hotties because yes, pretty is dead in many places, but it's not completely extinct! I see pretty women around me everyday.

And certainly Miss Elisabeth is everything pretty. :)

XOXO, Marie

PS> One of these pictures is so H&M to me...can you guess which one?


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