Jan 4, 2012

Hideous Scene

Mom & Dad left. 
And they took C, L, & B with them.

Saddest. Face. Ever.

OK, so I did get lucky and was able to see them one last time before they headed back home.

It all went by way too fast,
and I just wanted to group hug the whole time.

They didn't really go for that kinda thing though...

So instead I helped Lissie try on 10 different sweaters at H&M.
And then she didn't buy any of them. At least now she knows I'm a good shopping aid?!
JK. It was really fun :)

OK, so we know how this story ends. And I'd love to let you believe sweet little angelic tears were shed.

But, it wasn't really that cute and whimsical.
Instead I made a hideous scene.
In the middle of the mall, with at least 10 onlookers.
You know, the I-Can't-Breathe-Sobbing-Snot-Running kind of scene.
Where my face is bright red.
And B's like: What's the big deal?
Haha. I love you B :)

I love all 5 of you!!

Thanks for the best Christmas!

PS: Mom & Dad, you are SUCH cute grandparents! Thanks for the adorable photo.

love you lots, emma.

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