Jan 17, 2012

Mr. sock bunny

This is the sock bunny I made for Mr. Cole for Christmas. I also made a Mrs. sock bunny for Juliette and Annabelle each for Christmas but I regretfully did not get a picture of all three of them together. What was I thinking?! 

I wish I could say that Cole adored his sock bunny and that he slept cuddled up to it every night. And sat him in his high chair for each meal. And played pretend with him all day long.
Not the case.

He might look super happy with Mr. sock bunny in the picture above but in real life..........

No, those are not kisses. Mr. Cole is literally trying to bite Mr. sock bunny's head OFF.
See if I try making him any more handmade toys for Christmas again!! ;)

By the way, I am planning on making some more of these adorable sock animals for some baby showers coming up, in which case I will most definitely document how they are made and share it with you all! They are super easy and I did it all by hand :)

til then!
love, Lulu :)

by the way, did you see the "Words" tab I put together up there? Now everyone can know what word we're doing for Friday Picture Book each week and we'd love for anyone to join in! I always love photography challenges :)
This week's word is.......whisper
(my choice)

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