Jan 12, 2012

Let's start a trend.

Remember this? My big grandpa sweater that is so cute and comfy? 
Well guess what. 
I got two more!! 
While I was in the U.S. I made sure I went to one of those beloved thrift stores you all talk about.
I actually went to the one Emma shops at!
But we weren't there together...

Anyways, I LOVE them. 
And think we should all start a trend.

Like maybe at the top of our blog we could have pictures of us all wearing big grandpa sweaters? 
And then our title could be: "The Thrifty Sissy's"

I'm brilliant.

Let me explain the darkness and hair-messy-ness:

I couldn't take pictures earlier in the day because mom had the camera in her purse while getting her hair done. 
Which takes for-Everrr.
And it was extremely windy outside.

I promise someday I will be as talented as you guys in photography!

Love and miss you.
Total, true, love,


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