Jan 24, 2012

Winter on my mind

It snowed in Seattle where Marie is all last week.
It's snowing for Emma in Utah.
It's snowing in Spokane where we were visiting just a few weeks ago.
Is it snowing in Germany, Lissie?!
Because it is not snowing here in Texas.

Although I can't reasonably complain about the 75 degree weather we're having here and the absence of snow, I have to say that I feel a little left out! All I've wanted for Christmas for years past is for it to snow! I thought that it surely would when we were in Washington for 3 weeks over Christmas break. But it didn't snow once! And now that we're gone, they're getting all the snow in the world!

So, to help me cope with this, I created my own pin board on Pinterest for all things winter. (I also created one for spring, summer and autumn too!)

There's something so dreamy about a winter wonderland.
(Check out this amazing photoshoot in the snow!)
And well, I guess I will keep dreaming about it! ;) 
(Maybe I should try putting that free snow overlay that Marie was talking about yesterday on all of my pictures?!)

Happy Tuesday! I hope you're getting snow! :)

love, Lulu

by the way, this week's word is SHIMMER! oh la la!

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