Feb 16, 2012


Yes, on February 11th 2012 I wore all black to the orthodontist to get my dreaded braces.
I seriously did wear all black. 
Not totally intentionally though...

It took about two hours.
TWO hours of having my mouth wiiiide open and totally dried out.
Sick, I'm telling you.
I hated that day.

my sweet dad did have a chocolate milkshake waiting for me in the car when I came out. (:
Love that guy.

Well, they tell me I'll have them for a year to a year and a half.
And you know what else? 
I went back today to fix one of my brackets that had gotten loose...
and there was this pretty dang cute ,teenage, German boy "interning" with MY orthodontist.
He helped my orthodontist fix my bracket!
Sooo embarrassing and disgusting.

If you wanted to see the lovely train tracks on my teeth
here are some pictures of me and my baby brother, who has had braces for a year now.

We be twins. ;)

Total, true, love,

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