Feb 8, 2012

Come See My Fort!

Remember this little gem?
Well, I finally made one for the Tiny.
And I'm not gonna lie - I crawl in there sometimes too.
OK, a lot.
So, more like every chance I get.
{It's a totally sweet hangout lounge.}

Look at her caress her new fort grounds!
Um, major mom points!!!

And it was really simple to make.

So whether you wanna surprise your Mister with it this V-Day {riiiight?}, or make it for your little nugget 
here's what you need:

* 4 yards of fabric altogether:
-1 yard for each flap
-2 yards for the roof piece

* 2 tension rods
(they're less than $3.00 at walmart)

*sewing machine

snip snip, sew sew, and...

(basically you're just making 3 curtains, sticking tension rods through them, and setting it up in any ol' corner) :)

I can tell you're a proud fort owner already.

PS: Don't worry if your child doesn't wanna live in it, like you do.
Mostly, Annabelle sneaks in real quick, picks her book, and then reads it out in the open. Where it's much much safer ;)

love you lots, emma.

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