Feb 7, 2012

Hitting the books

I spent this past weekend with my husband finalizing my business plan for my photography which I will be launching with new pricing, packaging and everything later this week! (I'm super excited about it:)

But today I thought I would share with you a couple of gems that I found at the library. Every time I go to the library, I always check out the photography section to see if any new books have come in and every so often there are new ones! Most recently I found "Visual Poetry" by Chris Orwig. It's not a new book, but it's new to the library ;)

This one has been my favorite so far. His book doesn't really teach you about the technicalities in photography, but more, it teaches you how to think creatively and what to look for in different situations, whether it's photographing children and families, weddings, portraits in general or travel photography.
The way he writes is very engaging and you can tell that he is extremely creative himself.
You can check out his blog here. He seems like such a nice person and he has a beautiful family. He also teaches at Brooks Institute of Photography in CA, a wonderful place, I'm sure, to go to school!
What I like best about this book though, is that at the end of every chapter, he interviews "guest speakers," famous photographers who are SO talented. He also does workshop assignments and points you in the right direction of what blogs and websites to check out.
I've loved some of blogs I've found this way.

Here are a few links:

*This is the most beautiful photoshoot I have EVER seen. Seriously. (think girls in white dresses and sun hats on the beach) And how do people shoot in broad daylight like that?! I have no idea. I want to figure it out though.

*A forest wedding. So dreamy :)

*I thought these family pictures were sweet. So real and timeless. All of his family shots are awesome and not too pose-y which I like :)

*And I just about died when I saw this photoshoot. Adorable.

And here are a few more photography blogs which I absolutely love! 

All in all, if you want to be exposed to a lot of really good, but very different photography, you should read this book! It's full of wonderful inspiration!

"The Right-Brain Business Plan" by Jennifer Lee is the second book that I am reading. This one caught my attention because Steve was recently learning in school how our society seems to favor developing our left-brain which is characterized by being "logical, sequential, verbal, analytical, detail-oriented, practical" and not the right-brain which is characterized by being "creative, visual, non-linear, intuitive, imaginative, understanding the big picture." Both sides are equally important but for some reason, especially in the business world, the right-brain characteristics are seen as less-than. This book also caught my attention since for the past few months, Steve has been helping me write my business plan, which is something he enjoys doing and he's good at. But it's something that I didn't really have any clue about until he showed me the way. 
I haven't read too much of this book yet, but so far I really like it because I see myself as a very creative person, as probably all photographers do, but at the same time, if I want to have a business, ONLY being good at photography just isn't going to cut it. A business plan is necessary. And this book kind of directs you in a very fun, creative way and shows you just what you need to do to put together a business plan. The author is against a boring multiple page word document as your business plan (which is what I actually have right now haha) She put together a collage which shows all aspects of what her business plan includes, but it keeps it visual which is better for the right-brained, creative person. It also makes it fun which I think is very important! If you're needing help writing a business plan, I totally recommend this book!

And the last book I'm reading, which I also haven't finished yet is "Techniques of Natural Light Photography" by Jim Zuckerman. And I'm pretty sure that this book is famous and probably lots of people have read it.
I like it because it goes through all different types of natural light: sunrise, early morning, late afternoon, midday, sunset, twilight. He shows his amazing pictures that were taken during those times and how he did it (all with a film camera too, which blows my mind since I've never tried anything with a film camera!)

All this reading about photography has made me dream about photography almost every night all.night.LONG! I love it :)

Anyway, does anyone have any book recommendations for me?! I also love finding new photography blogs to follow :)

love, Lulu

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