Feb 15, 2012

My Head Popped!

The etsy shop is open.
First new year's resolution: check!

Introducing you to Annabelle's first Monster Doll:


(Happy Valentine's Day, baby girl!)

I initially started making these Monster Dolls for fun.
And then my sister's aunt's uncle wanted one. 
And his cousin's little sister needed one.
And finally, when my friend's girlfriend's niece just could not live without one,

my head popped!

And out came: forever emma.

Uhh -- I have an etsy shop!!

Meet Lola.

Lola & Josie: BFF's.
Master: Annabelle.

These are just a couple that I've made. You can see some other Monster Dolls in my shop.

So, basically if you're looking for a cutsie baby shower, birthday, or any other kinda gift, check out my etsy shop: 
forever emma.
And while you're at it, grab a button!


love you lots, emma.

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