Feb 21, 2012

Tuesday Top Five

I sold my camera!!!! Which means two things: 
*Lissie will now have a DSLR too!! :) (thanks for buying it from me)
*I'm getting a new camera!!!!!!!!! Can't wait.

A couple of fun family walks this past week. And lots of picture taking, which I love, of course :)

This past weekend I had a girl's night! We went to see "The Vow" (my first time to the movies since before Cole was born!!) and the wedding scene was by far my favorite scene!
This movie made me want to visit Chicago :)

Ruche's new lookbook which you can find here. Oh my gosh, kill me now. Such beautiful photography by Kiss The Groom. So so dreamy :)

Probably the most exciting of all: I officially launched my photography business, Love Lulu Photography!!! Gosh, that feels good :) Marie and I are toying with the idea of working together and offering a couple of mini sessions while we're in Utah in April. Sounds like the best idea we've had all year if you ask me ;)

love, Lulu

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