Feb 2, 2012


So Mom's been telling me you've all been asking about this date I went on last Friday...
Well let me tell you.
It's actually kind of a good story.

 This boy who "asked " me on a date, we'll call him Westley.

Westley is an attractive boy and he's the best at everything athletic. A typical jock really. But he's sweet too. Westley and I sit next to each other in our early morning seminary class and we're pretty good friends. He's always asking me to come to his sport events, and a couple of weeks ago he asked me to go to his wrestling match. I decided to go because I had time and I knew his sister, a pretty good friend of mine, would be there.

So I'm at his wrestling match and it's reeeally awkward. Not only because wrestling is just plain awkward but because his mom and sister are talking to me about how Westley is always talking about me at home and how he really likes me. This whoooooooole time, like when he asked me to go to his wrestling match and I said I would, I thought he had a girlfriend. I'm facebook friends with his girlfriend! I was sure they were still together! or else I probably wouldn't have gone to his stupid match! So after his mom is saying things like "Yeah, I keep telling Westley if he wants to win you over he's going to have to raise is standards and be a better person!" I'm like "Haha...that's sweet...Doesn't Westley have a girlfriend???" Their response: "Oh. Well... that's complicated but we think it's over."

Anyways. After Westley has finished wrestling and winking up at me twice while pinning other poor boys (he's kind of a flirt), my brother picks me up to take me home. As soon as I'm home I get a message on FB from Westley asking me if we could "hang out or go on a date sometime."
I respond "Suuure, we can always hang out, Westley!" I was trying to make it seem casual. I failed. After that he would talk about when we should go on "our date" and what we should do every.single.day. Then one day in seminary he had it all planned out and told me Friday evening we would be making pizzas at his house with another couple.

I was okay with that, nothing too fancy, other people will be there, plus I like pizza...perfect!
So Friday I'm waiting for him to tell me what time this date would be happening, and then Friday late afternoon he sends me a message saying I can "come over any time." ......Not good. Mom and dad will not like that...
I tell my mom anyway. And this is how it went down:
Mom: "Wait. He's not picking you up? You know we don't like that."
Me: "It's inconvenient...? Mom, I don't want to make a big deal out of this! I don't even like him!"
Mom: "We'll talk about this with dad when he gets home from work."

BUT. Before Dad even got home, mom had miraculously agreed to just take me this one time because she understands that I don't want to make a big deal out of it.
Halleluja! I love mom!

Then Dad got home.
He comes up to my room after I'm completely ready to go and says:
"Aren't the boys supposed to pick up the girls?"
Me: "Maybe...? Occasionally?"
Dad: "Now, I know you've already told him we would take you and I don't want you to be upset...but I'm going to call him and just let him know that we usually like it when the boys pick our daughters up. I won't make him come pick you up tonight though."
Me: "WHAT? No! How are you going to say it??"
Dad: "I don't know. It'll come to me naturally."
Me: "No seriously. What are you going to say."

We proceeded to do some role playing. Me being Westley. There was really nothing I could do so Dad called Westley.

The phonecall:
Westley: "Hello?"
Dad: "Hey Westley, this is Tracy Allred, from the ward. How are you doing?"
Westley: "Hey President! Good thank you, how are you?"
Dad: "Just fine thank you. I hear you and Lissie are planning on going on a date this evening. That's sounds fun.
Westley: "Yes, sir."
Dad: "Yes well, usually we like it when the boys pick up the girls on dates."
Westley. "Oh. Do you want me to come pick her up right now??"
Dad: "That would be great! Do you need the address?"

Meanwhile I was telling mom that I could solve all of her and dad's problems, and that all they would have to do is lock me in a tower.

To wrap up this super long story: Westley and his mom picked me up (since he can't drive.) The couple that was supposed to be coming couldn't come, but his best friend was there. It was basically like going on date with two boys. The pizza was delicious. It was a pretty good night.
And yeah. That's the end of the story about the date I went on last Friday.
Sorry it was so long.

Total, true, love,

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  1. Hahahaha! That is an adorable story Lissie! Westley sounds so sweet:) And haha, this story is like a combination of all of my friends' stories put together. I actually am starting to hang out with this guy named Logan who is a lot like Westley in the way that he's super athletic but he's very quiet and keeps to himself a lot but is absolutely adorable and veeeerrrry good looking. I could go on and on *sigh* Oh! By the way, thank you for all of your comments! You are just a sweet girl:) <3


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