Mar 8, 2012

Dance Photography

Heeey Guys!

Yes, I've been thinking about senior "dance" pictures ever since Marie showed us this pic on her last post:

 I've just always loved pictures of dancers wearing casual clothing in casual places. 
Like these I found on pinterest and tumblr:

Although I don't really like the idea of wearing leotards and tutus for senior pics, I did looove this shoot:
 Too bad I don't have a twin...

But anyways! What ya think, Marie?? 
Do you think you could find some birds for the shoot too? And a cool roof for me to balance on? ;)

And then after that I was going to ask Henry from Neverland to fly over to do some shots like these:

I can't wait 'til I'm a senior!

Love and miss you!

Total, true, love,

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