Mar 14, 2012

The Frenchies

I'm trying to turn my ghetto-ville apartment into a French Country Martha Stuart palace.

Yup, the green linoleum's still in place. The cupboards have chunks of wood missing. My bathroom is a little slice of heaven you never want to visit. 
BUT, here and there you'll find corners that you wanna 
cuddle up in. 
Like the nook in my kitchen:

I know it's nothing terribly special, but it's a corner that makes me terribly happy :)
Plus I made that door knob rack.
You just buy a plank of wood.
4 knobs.
Drill holes.
And screw knobs in place.
So easy.
So in love.

So French Country Martha Stuart.


love you lots, emma.

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  1. You need to come decorate my house for me.. You do such cute things.


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