Mar 6, 2012

Pink laundry and keeping things interesting

I should get some kind of reward for keeping things really interesting at our house.

Not only have I:
1. put Steve's cell phone through the wash AND dryer before,
2. I've also washed (and dried) an ink pen with a load once. We still have ink stains on towels and Cole's clothes.
3. But this past week was probably my favorite: I put Cole's red tie dye shirt in with our load of whites.
Yep, I am that good.

I found this adorable tie dye shirt at a thrift store a little while ago (acutally Bekah found it), but I have this rule that items from thrift stores can't be worn until they've been washed, so I put it right in the laundry bin and didn't think about it again. I should have known that the red dye would bleed and turn everything PINK!! 

I didn't mind that much. I like pink. And I thought that this shirt my mom gave me almost looks better pink! (She gave me that head band too :)

(Pics from our walk yesterday. I about died because those "popcorn popping" trees were so so beautiful! And yes, we stuck Cole up in a tree and then took pictures of it ;)

However, I do feel bad that Steve now only has the option between pink socks or black socks. (He goes with black.) And you know those onesies where people sew fabric ties onto them? You've probably seen it on Pinterest. Well, now Cole has a handful of pink onesies with ties on them. I have to say they're kind of useless now. His red tie dye shirt in the pic above is now more like a pink tie dye shirt. Bummer. I thought it was so cute on him. But he got called a "beautiful girl" twice yesterday while wearing it. ;/ I just wanted us to match, you know? Am I the meanest mom ever?!?

Oh, and I forgot to mention that shortly after those pics above were taken, our stroller fell into that canal. I'm actually surprised you can't see the stroller rolling down that hill in the background of that last picture. Because that's where it happened. Like I said, we keep things interesting around here :)

love, Lulu

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