Apr 10, 2012


So, Mom and Lissie are arriving into Dallas tomorrow afternoon, then they are going to be staying the night here and then on Thursday they will fly on to Utah.

They might only be here less than a day, but that doesn't mean I don't have everything planned out to the last minute while they're here!!!

Remember Lissie's post (here) about dance photography? Well, I'm going to be taking Lissie to this spot:
...and I'll be taking some senior pictures of her doing pretty ballerina poses. Can't wait. It will be so pretty :)

And then, I'll take her to the bluebonnets because...well, you only find them in Texas and we'll just have to. Hopefully my mom will let me get some graduation pictures of her too!! And I also want pictures of the two of them with Cole because we definitely did not get enough of those when we were together at Christmas.

So, that's like three photo ops right there in one evening!! Nevermind that they'll be jet lagged. I told them they better sleep on the plane ;)

After our three photo shoots, I'm going to make them my current favorite meal: salmon with asparagus and potatoes. It's so easy and soo yummy!

Then, I'm going to make them the frozen banana+cocoa powder+almond milk smoothie for dessert. I really hope that they'll still be awake this long.

Eventually I will let them go to sleep.

And in the morning I'm going to make my fluffy waffles!! 

And if they want some, I'll make them green smoothie too :)

So, mom and Lissie, I just thought I'd give you guys a heads up on the agenda.

Like I said, don't forget to sleep on the plane!!!

love, Lulu

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