Apr 3, 2012

Double exposures


Today has been a KaRaZy day!! Not only have tornadoes gone through Dallas today (we're safe and sound) but Cole has the fever/flu :/ Just imagine us huddled in the bathroom with Cole as cranky as ever as the sirens went off and we waited out the storm.
Fortunately, the storm really wasn't bad right over our house! And it wasn't bad at Steve's school either. It seems like it was pretty bad everywhere else, so we are very grateful!

ANYWAY! Today I leave you with these double exposures which are now my favorite thing to do. I learned how last week here. They're super easy so you should try it out :) You can see these and more on my photography blog. Which one's your favorite?

Happy Tuesday! Hopefully there are no tornadoes where you are :)

love, Lulu

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