Apr 4, 2012

Easter, Frills, and Blossoming Orchards!

Easter is THIS Sunday!
And though I'm no expert photographer, I like to dabble in it here and there when an annual Easter picture is in order. 

Right before this shoot I asked Lu for her best trick on how to get my girl to smile.
Thank goodness I asked, cause it's the ONLY thing that worked.
It's called: Play peek-a-boo with the camera.

Brilliant, right?

You wanna know my (amateur) #1 tip?
Hire a wingman. 
Let your wingman coax all the smiles so you can make sure you're not photographing the worms in the dirt. HahaI'm still learning!

And if your wingman can't come, bring wheat thins. And suckers.
But have you noticed she's happiest when she's eating?

That's my girl :)

love you lots, emma.

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