Apr 17, 2012

Lissie's dance pictures


Well, I stuck to the agenda about about 50% of the time while mom and Lissie were with me last Wednesday afternoon to Thursday morning.

I did make my favorite meal: asparagus, potatoes and salmon. But I'm pretty sure Lissie didn't like it. #fail
Am I right Lissie?!?! ;) Mom did though!

We all went to bed at 9 pm so we had to pass on the frozen banana+cocoa powder+almond milk smoothie for dessert since there wasn't any time for dessert :/

I didn't get any pictures of them in the bluebonnets (and they're all dead now :/) but I did get some pictures of  Cole with his grandma although it wasn't a photoshoot out in the bluebonnets like I had planned. They're way cute though!

And I completely forgot to make waffles in the morning for breakfast!!! This was the biggest fail because I was totally looking forward to feeding them my waffles :(

I did make my mom green smoothie and she liked it. Lissie looked at it and said: "It really is green." Hehe. Yep. :)

I did however succeed in taking Lissie's dance pictures!!!  The ones above are probably my personal favorites!! Although I loved all of them! See them all here if you haven't already. I've kind of posted them everywhere now haha. Lissie is just too cute like that.

love, Lulu

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