Apr 25, 2012

Little Annie & Her Nanny

She dresses her in the mornings.
And reads her books.
She takes her on walks.
Tickles her all day long.
Changes her diaper when she pees on her mom. (so presh!)
Teaches her ballet.
Snuggles her when she's sleepy.
Gets kisses from her constantly!
And has taught her a whooole new kinda vocabulary!
"You cray-cray, Yo!, Hey Girl!, Peace Out, Oooh Lala, Whoooo!, Call me!, I'm hot!

Basically Aunt Lissie needs to stay. And be little Annie's nanny!!
Luckily she comes to school here next summer and can quickly resume her nanny-responsibilities.

We love you Aunt Lissie!

love you lots, emma.

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