Apr 12, 2012

Lovin' this place called America

I'm here! I'm finally here!

Mom and I first landed in Texas and stayed the night at Lulu's. We didn't get any pictures together though...can you believe it?? We'll have to take tons when she comes to Utah in a week!

Lulu and I got straight to business and did an awesome dance shoot. I think she'll be posting some this weekend! :) 

We got to Utah this afternoon.
Emma made us a sign! 
Nobody's ever done that for me before. :)

Annie has been the cutest!
Is this picture not absolutely adorable?? AH! I love it!

And after 1 year 4 months and 19 days I finally got to see my best friend, Erin Clark, again!
I missed her so much!!! 

Can't wait for her wedding in a few weeks! 
We've only been talking about that day since we were like 12!

Only 7 more days 'til I see the rest of you!

Total,true, love,

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