Apr 24, 2012

Snow capped mountains and fairy orchards

Every time I come to Utah, I forget how much I love the mountains! And how much I missed them! They are so pretty! And as a result I have taken about a million of the exact same picture above :)

This trip has been so fun so far! I feel so lucky and blessed that I am able to be on this trip with my family and that I got to see all of my sisters and my mom!!

Our sisters photoshoot was a blast! Not only do I LOVE the skirts my mom made (she.is.AMAZING!) but there's just something so fun about getting ready together, going to a fairy orchard (pictured above) and taking fairy/elf/hippie/sister pictures. You take your pick ;) A flower garland around your forehead seems to fit into all four of those categories ;)

What I've especially loved though, is watching Cole and Annabelle play together!! They have so much fun together and will chase each other back and forth :) I need to remind myself to get more pictures of that!

I'm sure there will be many more pictures from this trip to come but I thought I'd leave you with that.

love, Lulu

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