May 17, 2012


I have been such a bum lately.
And I have pictures to prove it...Yay!...

The month of May is just so extremely busy for me that I sometimes get a little delusional and decide it's okay to go to school wearing a dirty hoodie, with crappy hair and no make-up. 

And for some ridiculous reason my friends thought that was the perfect time to take pictures.
 We never take pictures.
And yes, we definitely had that typical discussion determining whether or not these pictures were facebook-worthy and we definitely came to the conclusion that they definitely weren't.

Seriously, that conclusion was a no-brainer.
I'm eating a cupcake and licking the frosting off of my fingers!
But nonetheless, these photos were all downloaded off of facebook.

And this scene from Lilo & Stitch was the first thing that ran through my mind when they popped up on my news-feed.

Total, true, love,

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