May 22, 2012

Guess what came in the mail for me....

Not to brag or anything, but I got WEN for Mother's Day and it finally came in the mail on Monday!!!!! So far I've used it twice now and can I already say that I am never going back to any other kind of shampoo? This stuff leaves my hair so soft and shiny. I can even let it air dry. And just wear it down. Just like that. That's saying a lot if you know my hair. It didn't take my little flyaways away completely, but I think with time it will just get less frizzy and less frizzy. I'm pretty much thrilled already and I've only used it twice. Best Mother's Day gift ever. Have I mentioned that I love that holiday? ;)

Anyway, if everything goes as I think it will and my hair gradually turns into celebrity hair like I'm anticipating, then I guess I'll just have to post some pictures of it, right?! hehe, so yes, I will post pictures of my hair soon :)

love you girls :)

love, Lulu

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