May 15, 2012

Manual focus

I might be a little slow, but I just recently figured out how to use my manual focus.
And I can't believe how much fun it is!
That's what happens when you start playing around with filming with a DSLR. You have to manual focus.
It's a little bit tricky to get a hang of it, and I'm still getting a hang of it, but I think once you've mastered it, you probably have so many more options at your finger tips!

For example, have you ever wondered how to make your entire picture blurry/ have nothing in focus?
I always wondered this. I'm sure I could have just figured it out if I had googled it, but I never did. So I just eventually happened to figure it out.
All you have to do it adjust the manual focus to the desired blurriness and then take the picture.

Here's my simple example:

Sometimes it's nice to have everything in your picture out of focus, especially when there's bokeh involved, because it gives it a dream-like feel :)

That's another good thing about manual focus. No matter what lens you have, or how close you get to your subject, with manual focus, if you push down on the shutter, it will always take the picture!
This is really useful to know when you're trying to take really really close up shots! Because with the lens that I have, the 50 mm 1.8, when using auto focus, it will only let you get so close to your subject. If you get too close it just won't even take a picture. You push down on your shutter and nothing. Which is super annoying.
So, next time that happens, now you know to switch to manual focus ;)

Those are the two things that I know about manual focus. Maybe it will help you like it's helped me :)
And if you have any manual-focusing secrets for me, please share :)

love, Lulu 

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