May 10, 2012


I missed my prom while I was in the states this past April,
but luckily they decided to have a Mormon Prom right after I got back.
And I went Full.Out
I had a big puffy tulle ballerina skirt that my amazing mother made me,
Platform nude heels,
Fancy lace shirt,
 Ballerina bun,
& of course,
Red lipstick <3


Needless to say we had tons of fun at the photo booth! 
I'm beginning to prefer this over prom in a castle...
I know, cray-cray.


Hope you guys are starting a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!

Total, true, love,

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  1. Oh my gosh that looks so fun! And you are so gorgeous! Glad you still got to have a Prom! :) ps. Love the tule skirt!


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