May 1, 2012


This is old news but instagram was recently made available on android and I made very good use of it while on my trip to Utah! Even if my camera phone is crappy compared to all you other iphone-ers (3.2 megapixels?? seriously?) I love instagram and to say I took a bunch of pictures on the trip is an understatement :) I also took a million pictures with my real camera on top of that ;)
I realized after I went through them that I didn't get a single picture with my adorable niece Annabelle. I'm such an awful auntie. But she did eventually give me kisses. Emma can back me up on that one :)

Just a few things we did on this trip included:

*sisters photoshoot
*shadowed Marie while she did a family photoshoot of our cousins
*Allred family get-together. (that picture frame above is of my parents shortly after they were married. Adorable :)
*more shopping
*Bean museum visit.
*Cole and Annabelle spent a good 20 minutes playing in a box together
*NOT sleeping in :/
*lots of sky/mountain picture-taking. I couldn't help it. I've been in Texas too long :)
*meeting up with old friends for brunch
*road tripping to Manti for a wedding
*and lastly, we spent our last little bit of time with Lissie and Mom at Target today. Then they flew home to Germany :(

It was a fun trip and I have no idea when it will happen again! Hopefully sooner than later! I already miss all of you!

love, Lulu

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