May 13, 2012

Thank you, Mom

I tear up just thinking about all the ways that I'm grateful for you.
My childhood is filled with only the sweetest memories, something I hope for my own children. I hope to be kind, loving, understanding, and Christlike - the kind of mother that you always have been. 
You are so amazing, Mom! I thought I loved you as a child, but now as I enter into motherhood myself, it's hard for me to express all the love and respect I have for you now.
I am so grateful for you, Mom.
I hope this mother's day is so special for you, because you are so special to me!
I love you forever,

I am in my late twenties now, and throughout all the cycles and chapters of my growth, I have never, and I'm certain I will never, love another soul as deeply as I do yours. That pure and perfect connection that my infancy was so luckily born into is, in my best imagination, described as cosmic in nature. The entirety of my life will never achieve that unfounded, beautiful love I was graced into, and I'm grateful. I love you, Mom. I wish I could re-gift to you everything you have given me... If I wanted to be dramatic I could say that the whole of my life since has been in search of those first moments you loved me. I haven't forgotten, and I love you too.

Dear Mom,
Every year I want to write you the most special Mother's Day note, and every year I feel like there are not enough words in the English dictionary! Really, you are the best mom! Remember when I was in the 9th grade, and right before heading to bed one night I asked you to pretty-please sew me some pajama bottoms because I was worried about having cute PJs for Pajama Day the very next morning? So often, right after I put my girls to bed, I think about how incredible it was that you said yes to that request! If you felt anything like I do after a busy day of being a mom, you were probably so exhausted, and if not exhausted, anxious to tackle your own personal projects. You had seven kids, but you said yes! And that's one of the things I love most about you, you  don't seem to bat an eye when it comes to going the extra mile or making personal sacrifices for us kids. Thank you for giving me such an ideal childhood and for being the kind of mom that I can look up to and want to be like. I love you so, so much! 
We all do.
Love, Marie

Thank you for being the best mom I could ask for. I wouldn't know what to do without you. Love, Bryant.

I want you to know how truly lucky I feel that God let me be a daughter of such a perfect mom. You are so lovely and selfless; you’re all the role model I’ll ever need! I can’t, nor do I want to, imagine what life would be like without you. You make me want to be a better person, and I know that all the good I have within myself comes from having the best mom in the world. Thank you.

I love you and I’ll love you forever,


I love you mom and I could never ask for better. Thank you for being. Love, Christian

Thank you, mom, for being such an amazing example to me! 
I hope that one day I will be the kind of mom you are to me. I hope to be like you as I raise Cole and all of my future children; the kind of mom who always stands up for her children, protects them, teaches them right from wrong, loves them unconditionally.
You might not remember this seemingly silly incident, but I will always remember it! 
I was home from college  for the summer and some friends that I worked with in Utah were touring through Europe, and we let them stay at our house for a couple nights. One evening, after we had finished dinner, the whole family and my friends were just chatting away, telling stories around the dinner table, having fun. After a few silly stories had been shared, you looked to dad and said:
 "Why don't you share the story about when Emma prank called Lauren?" 
It seemed like the perfect story to share; it hadn't happened too long ago; my friends would appreciate it since they worked with me, and Emma had prank called me at work. 
Yes, it was absolutely hilarious when Emma prank called me and had a good 20 minute conversation with me imitating some air-headed lady with a southern accent asking me about hard-drives or what not. I completely bought it and didn't know it was a prank until she called me back, as herself. Gullible. You can call me that. I didn't tell anyone at work what had happened because I just felt embarrassed. I didn't want my co-workers to know! 
So when you told dad to start telling the story, which in any other setting I probably wouldn't have minded it being told, I gave you this look and shook my head and mouthed "no!" I remember the look of puzzlement on your face, but without knowing why, you immediately said: "Tracy, nevermind." And the both of you just dropped it, just like that.
I remember being SO grateful for you, and for dad. It probably wouldn't have been the end of the world if my co-workers had heard the silly prank call story. I might have looked dumb in front of them for 2 seconds, and it would have been forgotten, but you respected me and immediately dropped it without knowing why. I want to be a mom like that. One that knows her children so well, one who respects, one who protects, one who loves, one like you.
Thank you for your example, mom! Thank you for your love! I love you so much!
Happy Mother's Day!
love, Lauren

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