Jun 14, 2012

Christian Graduated

It's crazy.
Christian, Bryant, and I have always done EVERYthing together. 
It's going to be sooo weird when he leaves.

Here's a list of a few things I'm gonna miss about him most:

Him driving me around.  
Oh goodness, that's going to be a big change for both me and Bryant. Me learning how to drive is going to take a while...

Him accompanying me in my YouTube covers whenever guitar parts got too complicated.

Swing dancing with him at dances.

Playing music with him, period.

The hilarious things he says. 
Example: Mom was saying goodbye to us right before she left for the states for a few weeks, and Christian response was, "Wait. Where are you going??" as if he had no idea mom was ever leaving.

The deep conversations we had every like three months.  
Christian's really too deep for me.

Him asking my opinion on what he should wear some days.
Sister knows best. ;D

Man, I'm just gonna miss everything.  
We got nine more weeks!

Total, true, love,

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