Jun 6, 2012

Eat Me.

I feel like my house is eating me alive! 
I cannot seem to get the laundry under control. Or a grip on my spare bedroom.
Anyone know of some great maids?
I'm gonna need about 10!

So while I've been wallowing in clothes, here's what's actually been keeping me alive:

* the Bachelorette. 
OK, is Emily not the prettiest, sweetest Bachelorette ever?
Wow. I think even I would marry her.

* Netflix.
Straight up.

* And this little crazy:

She peed in her bed 3x today!!!!!
But she also dances when I turn on music in the kitchen.
And she can finally say Liesl, her doll's name.
And she's just so cute...

What's been keeping your head above water?

love you lots, emma.

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