Jun 26, 2012

Out of my element.

Last week I went to cub scout day camp. I probably could have had  better attitude about it (actually I know I could have) but it just was not my thing.
First of all, we had to wear the big baggy shirt they made us buy, which is now part of my pajama shirt collection. (I didn't have enough of those)
We also had to wear a hat. We had to wear a hat! I don't wear hats and neither does Steve, so I wore that silly hat above which was the one and only hat we had in the house. Let me tell you, I looked cu-ute!
To top it off we had to wear tennis shoes with socks. I can't remember the last time I wore tennis shoes or socks. It's summer, it just doesn't happen if you're going to be outside.

It goes without saying that I just felt silly. Especially once I got to the camp and had no idea where I was going. Or what I was doing. Finally I found our group's tent, thanks to some of the scouts. I'm sure they were wondering what I was doing there because I had no answers to their questions. hehe

"What are we doing today?" -I have no idea.
"Who else is coming?" -I have no idea.
"When is the egg drop?" -I have no idea.
"Can you help us put up this tent?" -I have no idea.

Just kidding, I did help put up the tent. Well, I tried, but it wasn't working. You had to push on this little thing and slide the posts up. I pushed as hard as I could. Seriously!! That thing would not budge! Luckily a 9 year old scout was able to easily figure it out. Thank goodness, because I was getting worried.

But I survived!! Even the part where they let the boys shoot beebee guns which I thought was crazy!
And then I went home and nursed the ingrown toenail I managed to give myself last week from ripping all my toenails off while watching the movie "Hanna" (crazy movie, by the way.)

So yeah, that was last week. This week is a new week! Yay! :)

love, Lulu

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