Jun 27, 2012

Vegas, Baby!

I've never been to Vegas and was honestly a little skeptical about it. I mean, what's my 1 year old gonna do at a casino?
Well really, what're any of us gonna do at one?!

Anyways, we've been here since Monday and I am loving it :)
We're staying in this cute little castle and goin' swimming with our babe!
And eating yummy food on the strip. 
And taking naps in our hotel room. 
And dancing to the Bellagio fountains.
And going SHOPPING!! :)

It's been really fun.
And it's like Vegas has never seen a kid before, cause everyone here thinks ours is freakin' adorable.

I can't blame them ;)
We'll be here til Friday!

love you lots, emma.

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  1. You need to go eat at Blueberry Hill for breakfast. It is so yummy.


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