Jul 17, 2012

Dallas Farmers Market!

I pretty much begged Steve to take me to the Farmers Market downtown Dallas on Saturday. I don't know why it sounded like so much fun for me and I don't know why it sounded like zero fun to him, but we went! And I loved it! Something about how colorful and lively everything was. The yummy fresh-fruit samples. And I swear people were just happier than normal there. My theory is that because they're buying fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables, people are just proud of themselves, knowing what the alternative could be (Walmart produce?! Not even comparable ;) I guess I was the same. And you know what, Steve didn't mind it so bad either. And Cole? Well, he's pretty much up for anything, as long as he can run around and as long as I feed him snacks!

And YES, if you can't tell from our red, sweaty faces, it was HOT outside, just like every other day here.

By the way, isn't he^ cool?! The bandana, the overalls, the tats, the load of cash in his left hand?! 
He gave me a huge grin after I took this picture. Yeah, I thought he was pretty awesome.

So, yeah, it was fun and after going I realized I don't think I have EVER been to a farmers market before. The one here in Dallas did not disappoint ;) We should make it like a sisters tradition to go when we're all together. You know, just because. On board?! :)

love, Lulu

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