Jul 19, 2012

Little Girls

There are about six little girls I know from church who are always asking me when I can babysit them.
They think I'm cool because I can play the guitar and sing Taylor Swift songs.
Duh. Who wouldn't?

Anyways, since their parents have kids old enough to babysit them, and I'm really too busy to babysit them, I decided to just have a girl party.

Four hours with a bunch of girly girls on a Saturday and I'm not even getting paid.
Cray cray, right?

These girls praise and worship my every move.

Not that I did anything extraordinary.
We did some nail painting, hair braiding, food eating, movie watching, hide & go seek playing,
and of course, saved the best for last,

Taylor Swift Music Video making:

How awesome is that? Those girls choreographed that dance! 
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We gonna be YouTube famous!

Total, true, love,

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