Jul 3, 2012

A new favorite

Cole and I had a little party today. Not only did we hit up some stores, but I forgot to bring the stroller so he did a lot of walking on his own! The carts at St. Vincent de Paul's (coolest thrift store everrrr) are not the kind you can stick your kid in so he got to be free and run around the store. Really, it was a miracle that I was able to shop at all! But shop I did, and I'm very happy with my finds :) I got that floral skirt above for 50 cents and I LOVE IT. And a tankini top that will match two different tankini bottoms that I already had. That's like getting 2 new bathing suits all in one! YAY! :) And all it cost me was $1.20.

Cole probably liked finding (and throwing and whacking and playing with) the stuffed dolphin (which I didn't buy him) the best. And also watching the movie they had playing on all the tvs. After St. Vincent de Paul's, we went to a park which is right across the street, by a cute little lake. The play ground was the best little park ever; it was just a little too windy and hot outside, which is quite the combination. But Cole had fun still, I could tell.

And THEN we went to Target, where I talked myself out of buying that big sun hat because I probably wouldn't ever wear it in real life. But they're so cute, right? :) I did, however, get Cole freeze dried bananas, which he loves more than anything, and now he thinks I am the coolest mom ever. Just don't try giving him fresh bananas though. Those are a no-go.

And last but not least, we took Steve dinner at work. Cole got to run around with his daddy throwing footballs, basketballs, and whatever kind of balls he could find around, squealing, laughing and having so much fun to the point where I started to think that he has more fun with his dad than with me! But then, I thought back on what we did today and thought, nope, not possible. He had just as much fun with me :) Today was a fun day. Today was a new favorite of mine :) (Especially when I compare it to what happened yesterday ;)

Happy Tuesday everyone! :)

love, Lulu

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