Jul 31, 2012

Tuesday errands, and reminding you all that it's hot in Texas, in case you forgot.

Cole and I. We are best buds.
We spend all day every day together.
He loves me and I love him.
And on Tuesdays, when dad is working late, we go out and we partay.
By partay, I mean we run errands, we go to the park, and we walk around a little lake nearby, I buy Cole real apples and he actually eats them, instead of the freeze-dried ones. (progress!!)
This is a big deal only because it's technically too hot outside to even walk from our house to the car and vise versa (but we do it anyway). I'm taking everyone's advice from last week, and we're getting out of the house anyway, even if I'm instantly sweating the minute I step out of the house. Cole doesn't seem to mind and he's such a happy little thing when he's running around in 100 degree weather. (don't worry, I drenched him with my water bottle every 5 minutes)

So happy (hot) Tuesday to all of you!
I'm looking forward to cooler weather when I SEE YOU ALL IN UTAH NEXT MONTH! (sorry Lissie :/)
I'm feeling seriously spoiled by all these sisters trips, but definitely not complaining :)

love, Lulu

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