Aug 14, 2012

Anniversaries and mud races

Happy Anniversary to Emma and Jake today!! Three years goes by fast!
And I can hardly believe that next week it will be our anniversary too! I don't know about you guys, but I am the absolute worst when it comes to getting presents for Steve...whether it's our anniversary, his birthday or Christmas, I never know what to get him because he never wants anything (except for crazy expensive stuff for his business which I can't get him anyway) The thing is, Steve only wants the things that he really needs, and if he really needs something then we basically go and get it for him. And I'm left with no ideas for special occasions!

Except this year, we did find something that he really wants, and doesn't necessarily need. This October the "Cahoots Duo Challenge" is coming to Dallas!! It's basically a race/obstacle course that you run as a couple and I cannot think of a better gift to the both of us for our third anniversary.

Just watch this, you'll see what I mean.

We are both so excited about this! Not only to run the race together, but also to train a TEAM! 
All week we've been joking about how we're in "cahoots" with each other ;)
Not to mention, Steve says I need to get new running shoes if I'm going to really do this. Fine by me, I'm all about that :) I think I'm going to get these ones. Aren't they cute? Nevermind that they'll be getting all wet and muddy.

SOOO EXCITED!!! Especially to have a "gift" that I already know Steve will like. Plus, to have pictures of us afterwards all muddy?! Priceless :)

love, Lulu

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