Sep 4, 2012

A preview of what I've been working on this evening

Um, hello! Is Emma not the most gorgeous pregnant girl ever? 
I've been working on this maternity shoot this evening, which is like my favorite thing ever. I'm excited to post all of them when I'm finished which will hopefully be soon!

So, yesterday was the unofficial last day of summer, this past weekend we got back from our summer vacation and from seeing family in Washington and Utah, and now this week we are back to the grind. It was so much fun seeing my family last week (minus mom, Lissie and Bryant) And even if I did only see Marie and her family for like an hour, I think it means we will just have to make up for it in the near future. I loved spending time with my dad and Matthew and Emma. Thanks to everyone for making our trip so much fun! I love you all so so much and hope to see you again soon!!

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