Sep 25, 2012

Paper peonies and spray painted mason jars

This project has been a long time in the making. When I was at Emma's house in August, I was just in awe at how perfectly cute she decorates! She seriously needs to give a tour of her home on here. She had spray-painted a mason jar that pretty blue color and made the paper peonies and they really caught my eye! They're just so perfect. And so perfectly easy.

The not so easy part for me was deciding which color I wanted to spray paint my jars which I have been saving since who knows when. The stash on my counter was getting a little ridiculous. I haven't really spent a lot of time or thought on how I should decorate our home until I saw Emma's place. I want mine to be like hers!! I currently have a red accent but I want to move away from that eventually, so after browsing on pinterest, I finally decided to either do gold or silver! And then I just narrowed it down to silver. I think I'm eventually going to do blue and white in my house and silver will go with that and pretty much everything else so I think I'm set.

Once I finally decided on silver, I could finally do it! And so I Saturday afternoon that's what I did while Cole took a nap. I finished it all pretty fast!

So here's the link to the tutorial:

(by the way it says you need floral wire and floral tape but pipe cleaners and normal tape would work just fine I should think.)

And there's really nothing to the mason jars. Just spray paint 'em. It's pretty easy.

I ended up spray painting all of my baby food jars too and then I made smaller paper peonies to fit in them and lined them on top of my fridge. So cute. Little baby ones!!!! 

And I LOVE how it all turned out! By the way, Steve got me those flowers this weekend and I've been only slightly obsessed with them. Spray painted mason jars are perfect as a vase too :)

Thanks Emma for the inspiration!

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