Sep 13, 2012

Senior Pictures - Vote

I need your help.
I'm a senior this year, so I need to have a good picture for the yearbook.
Unfortunately Marie won't be able to do a senior shoot with me.
So I thought I'd just choose a picture from one of our old, recent shoots.

 Well, I narrowed it down to these best two candidates:

#1 My hippie/fairy/(vintage?) look from our "Fairy Orchard" sister reunion shoot. 

#2 My classic yearbook/slightly biker look from a random shoot last December.
 They're both just so different!
Ones really whimsical and colorful and unique but kinda "out there" and maybe a little over the top,
while the other is sort of plain and really brown but classic and "me"...if you know what I mean.

I don't know! Marie or Lauren, do you have any other pictures of me that could be possible candidates??

Please leave your vote in the comment box below ;)

Total, true, love,

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