Oct 23, 2012

A day for firsts

+First time on the DART rail
+First time to the Texas State Fair!!
+First time at the petting zoo (for Cole)
+And first time eating funnel cake!!!

The DART rail was as much of an event as it was to go to the fair because it felt like we were on a train and Cole looooves trains :)
And if YOU have never had funnel cake because you grew up in Germany (Lissie) then you should know that I highly recommend it, even if it is fried and extremely unhealthy. It tastes like a mix between donuts and waffles, and we all know that I love waffles ;) Luckily, you only go to the fair every so often (or pretty much never) and since it's such a rare event it somehow takes the sting out of spending EIGHT DOLLARS on a funnel cake. 

Speaking of firsts, Cole got sick with the flu for the first time this past weekend and Steve came down with the flu today. SO that leaves me as the only one who hasn't gotten sick yet and I'm hoping it stays that way!! Being sick is no fun. Also, I have a handful of things I want to do before this week is over (think birthday and pumpkin patch!) and it's only possible with a healthy family!
Fingers crossed!!

love, Lulu

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