Oct 9, 2012

An *updated* 30 before 30 list

It's already been a whole year since I posted my 30 before 30 list and what do you know, I've literally only done one thing on that list which means I have 4 more years to finish the remaining 29 things. At this rate, I'm getting no-where. SO I decided to make a few changes, and these changes don't necessarily mean that it will be any easier to finish them before I turn 30 but I decided that they're cooler things than I had before ;)

So, here are the ones that I changed; I thought you might be interested :)

Visit Chicago and take the Wicker Park tour. (Obviously I have no idea if there even is such a thing. If there is, I'll take the tour. If there isn't I'll make up my own tour. And I'll make up my own The Vow tour while I'm at it. Chicago just seems so cool and artsy!)
(this one was inspired by Marie :) I mean did you see her pictures?!)

NUMBER TEN: Shoot a wedding!
(this one was inspired by the fact that I AM shooting a wedding since my sister-in-law is getting married at Thanksgiving and I am soooo excited!)

NUMBER ELEVEN: Weekend trip to Austin. I hear it's really cool there.

NUMBER FIFTEEN: HAWAII. I am dying to go to Hawaii!

NUMBER EIGHTEEN: Go to Alaska so I can see the northern lights.
(This one has not changed but I thought I would mention that I had a dream the other night that I was in Alaska and that I saw the northern lights and I started crying, practically sobbing, because it was so beautiful. Oh my gosh I am such a nerd and obviously really obsessed with the northern lights :(

NUMBER TWENTY FOUR: Run a 5k (I'm running one on Nov. 3rd. I'm so crazy, I know.)

NUMBER TWENTY FIVE: Visit Zions national park
(This one has also not changed, but I had this crazy idea that maybe Emma would take me there when I come to visit in just a few weeks here?!?! Emma? I just googled it and it's four hours away from where you live. That's nothing right? Day trip? It's not like you're pregnant or anything!

And there you have my changes. I feel so much better about my list now :) See my whole updated list here.

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