Oct 30, 2012

Happy Hipster Halloween!

Is it just me or does it feel like Halloween is already over and it hasn't even happened yet?! I guess that's what you get when Halloween falls on a Wednesday: everyone celebrates the weekend before.
Like us! Our friends threw an awesomely spooky Halloween party on Friday and if you ever need a last minute costume, just head to the dollar store, buy some of their sunglasses, punch out the lenses and throw on a beenie and you are good to go. That is, unless you already dress like this all the time, which I realize people really do wear glasses with no lenses, and I have to say that after doing it on Friday, it's a fun little accessory to add to your wardrobe. I see why people like it ;)

So, have a happy hipster halloween from me to you. I have three more functions to go to dressed up like this, so I can't say these will be the last pictures of us as a hipster family. Besides, I really need a better shot of Cole. He would not sit still long enough to take a family picture! So, really, I'm glad I have three more opportunities to try and get him to keep those glasses on ;)

love, Lulu

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