Oct 17, 2012

Love, Katie

Since I'll be having baby Henry in December, I thought I better get my Christmas shopping done now.
Otherwise, Santa may not make an appearance this year. 
And my 2 year old would be the saddest kid on the street.
So I started perusing ksl (Utah's craigslist)and found this little gem: 
(ipad picture)

Pretty cute, right?
Well, after researching different DIY play kitchens, I decided on my color and got to work. 
My adorable and amazing neighbor let me do it in her garage and helped me so so much. She's like a refinishing guru. No joke.
Four super late nights at her place, and we were done.
We lightly sanded, primed, and painted.
Then distressed just a bit.

Guys, I am in love and wish it were Christmas tomorrow.

Here's a full shot:
(One I couldn't get with my 50mm, so another ipad picture)

Are you so so impressed??
I can't really take full credit, cause it totally would not have come together this well without my amazing guru-genie-friend.
It should really read: "Love, Katie" instead of 
"Love, Santa" Christmas morning.
Maybe I'll have my kids grow up believing in Katie instead of Santa. Haha. Just to honor her :)

I'm so happy it's done.

Annabelle's Santa Katie gift: Check.

love you lots, emma.

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