Oct 4, 2012

My Senior Spirit Week

It's Homecoming spirit week at Heidelberg High!

Monday was Character Day, although I didn't dress up because I had no good ideas.

Tuesday was Twin Day. A bunch of my friends and I were "twin nerds"...


Wednesday was Wacky-Tacky Day.

Thursday was Class Theme Day. Which means TOGA DAY for seniors! MY FAV. 
We had our first pep rally of the year today, and as tradition the seniors were the last to enter the gym chanting "Toga! Toga! Toga! Toga!"

Our motto for Heidelberg High's class of 2013 is:
 "Last Class - HD! 2-0-1-3!"

The Heidelberg base here in Germany is closing this year so that's why we're the last class.
Saving 13EST for last! ;D

And Friday will be Blue & Gold Day: Our school colors.
Friday's also the bonfire.

Saturday is the Homecoming football game where I have been asked to sing the National Anthem (wish me luck!) 
And later that evening is the dance!

So, more pictures to follow!

Total, true, love,

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